Thoughts on the paranormal

After great thought and some mild research, I find myself still wondering. “About what?” you may ask. The facts about life after death or better put the ghost of a person. I find myself looking over records from many groups, and trust me that is a lot of data. I find that no one really addresses the overall question of death and the after life itself. mostly you find people looking for evidence, but not much on the science behind it. This put many more questions in my mind than answers. I find this bothersome and frustrating. So I want to ask others to tell me what they think and start putting ideas together. I think with the combined power of many that we as a group could find more answers than questions. But I have rules…… 1. No one idea is better than another unless proven by irrefutable proof…… 2. The ideas need a strong point to support it……. 3. Have a discussion not an argument….. and 4. Have fun tossing ideas around and find different views from as many people as you can. Now go my friends and feel free to drop comments on my blog. Support one another and love all!


Complete overhaul

I have decided to completely revamp my blog and move my focus onto the paranormal. So wait patiently for me I have much on my plate. but when all said and done I think this one is going to rock.